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Budget Billing Program

Residential members may elect to pay monthly bills for electric service on a Budget Billing Plan.  To be eligible to participate in the Budget Billing Plan, members must have:

  • Current twelve (12) month’s history with the Association at their existing or any previous location with a satisfactory credit rating.
  • The member shall owe no amount to the Association.

If the Member becomes delinquent on the Budget Billing Plan, the member shall be required to pay the balance due in full immediately and be eliminated from the program.  The monthly budget billing amount may be adjusted, at the option of the Association, for any increase or decrease in the Association’s rates or if the member’s use of electricity increases substantially.  The Budget Billing Plan will automatically continue from year to year unless terminated by either party.  The Budget Billing Plan shall pay monthly an amount equal to a minimum of 1/12 of the total of their most recent twelve months’ bill, rounded to the next highest five dollar increment.


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